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Vanguard gets final 3 weapon sets: Druid, Necro, Sorcerer

James Egan

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes doesn't get as much attention as other SOE games, but it clearly has a dedicated community of players. It's also a game that has seen a significant amount of change since it launched, and the developers are continually improving Vanguard through player input.

The latest announcement from the Vanguard developers is about the new weapon sets they're going to introduce, specifically for the Druid, Necro, and Sorcerer classes. They write: "You might have thought that we forgot about 3 certain classes when we were featuring some of the new weaponry. Never fear, this week we were able to wrangle the final 3 weapon sets up for everyone to check out in all their glory."

They've put together wallpapers for the new weapons, including their off-hand variants, so check it out on the official Vanguard: Saga of Heroes site.

[Via Ten Ton Hammer]

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