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MusicSkins slathers Seagate HDDs with famous musicians, Hasselhoff feeling 'left out'


A couple of notes for MusicSkins, LLC. First, Never use the word "bling" in your PR. Ever. Second, if David Hasselhoff hears that you're licensing images from legendary recording artists to "custom-bling" Seagate hard drives and you leave him out of it, you'll soon find your office deluged with phone calls, faxes, and emails from the man, desperate to get in on the action. (And we know all about his tenacity: we've been involved in at least one hot Hollywood project that he's tried to shoe-horn his way into.) Anyways, if you're inexplicably interested, check it out: MusicSkins (known for vinyl covers for laptops and iPods, among other things) has licensed a "vast range" of images from either artists or their crypt-keepers and will sell you one for your favorite Free Agent To Go HDD. Prices range from $15 to $30, although for a limited time one can receive 20 percent off any cover and 35 free songs from eMusic when registering your FreeAgent Go with Seagate. And the best news? The cover is removable, so if you ever move out of the dorms (or stop living like you're in a dorm) you can hide it somewhere.

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