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SanDisk makes room for unwanted slotMusic cards in new Sansa Clip+

Darren Murph

Remember slotMusic? How about slotRadio? Don't feel bad -- no one else on the planet does either. To that end, SanDisk is apparently hoping to push some aging inventory on unsuspecting consumers with its new Sansa Clip+, which is essentially a Sansa Clip with a microSD card slot. The device will ship in a trio of hues (red, blue or black), and you can rest assured that it won't blow any minds with sick new features. It'll play MP3 files on a relatively small screen, get great battery life and barely put a dent in your wallet -- what more could you really want? It's available starting today from Best Buy and the like for $39.99 (2GB), $49.99 (4GB) or $69.99 (8GB).

Update: Looks like a few early reviews have sprung up, with most folks being totally pleased given the low price.

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