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Creative unveils Vado HD pocket camcorder, OS X-compatible Vado Central

Ross Miller

If we recall, the previous Vado HD could at one point hold its own against pocket camcorders, but times have changed and new challengers have entered the competition. So how does Creative's second generation Vado HD keep up? We actually don't know -- the press release is sparse on details, except to say the 4GB / 60-minute white-and-green model will cost $180 and the 8GB / 120-minute black-and-red one is $200. Also on the horizon early this month is Vado Central software for OS X machines. It'll be compatible with all Vado models, and features easy import to iMovie for quick-and-dirty editing projects. Pre-order listings for the camcorders are supposed to pop up on Amazon and Creative's any time now, so hopefully there'll be some more data to shed light on things -- image stabilization would be a nice touch, but we're not getting our hopes up.

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