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DDO Eberron Unlimited rolls high initiative, gets early head-start release

According to a recent Turbine press release, the developer's free-to-play, D20-rolling MMO, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited will be granting early access to ... well, to people who've already had their fair share of early access. Though the game launches on September 9, anyone who is a former or current subscriber to DDO, or those who participated in Unlimited's closed beta, can log onto the game right this hot second.

The game offers all the DDO action you (might) know and (may) love, albeit with a higher level cap and lower price. Sure, you'll still need to dish out a few bucks for access to the game's full catalog of zones, classes, races and items -- but even without this premium content, there's plenty of game available for the Gygax enthusiast on a budget.

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