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Jake Gyllenhaal made plastic, portable, still dreamy


McFarlane Toys has announced that it's making a line of collectibles based on Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's forthcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time motion picture. The movie's due out next May, and as fate (or marketing) would have it, so are the toys.

The toymaker doesn't have anything for us to actually look at yet, but there are plenty of details to be had on just exactly what we can expect to be taking up shelf space at your local toy store / comic book merchant / Jake Gyllenhaal fan club gift shop.

Unlike many of McFarlane's figures, the 4" and 6" mini-Jakes and pals will be fully articulated. We're not certain, though, if the promised "battle horses" will be as limber. A playset (yep, they still make those) is also in the works, as is something wholly non-action-figure: A replica Dagger of Time, complete with "disappearing sand," LED lighting and -- because safety trumps cool -- a "soft vinyl blade." We imagine it'll be perfect for dealing with "huggable plush sand monsters" and "Tickle Me Nizam."

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