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Kotick: Video games could trump TV and movies within five years


Profiled on the website of money magazine Barron's, Activision-Blizzard boss Bobby "Guitar-Toting" Kotick reckons that film and television are living on borrowed time as the most prolific forms of entertainment. Speaking on gaming's (near) future, he said, "I view the medium as having the potential to eclipse film and television," going on to tell the article's author that it could happen within five years.

According to the piece, the one element Kotick sees as being crucial to this is rendering believable human characters in real time, something he thinks the next round of consoles will be capable of. (You have to wonder what sort of sneak peeks he's been privy to in his position.)

BTW, it's probably best not to inform David Cage that all the work he's putting into creating characters you can care about in Heavy Rain is for naught, since it's just not possible this gen.

[Via Edge Online]

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