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Massive announces fall in-game ad lineup


Microsoft's in-game ad company, Massive, has announced that it will be providing ads for several major publishers this fall, namely THQ, EA and Activision. Massive will supply ads for EA's sports lineup -- including Madden NFL 10 -- and Need for Speed: Shift. For Activision, the company will provide ads for the many upcoming Hero games, including Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero and Band Hero, as well as Tony Hawk Ride and Blur. There will also be ads in THQ's MX vs ATV Reflex as well as its smash hit UFC 2009: Undisputed. Also, expect ads in Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction -- projected on the walls, perhaps -- when it launches next year.

Perhaps most important of all, Massive will be the exclusive provider of advertisements on Blizzard's revamped Battle.Net when it launches alongside StarCraft II. That's not much of a leap, as the company is the sole provider for the current Battle.Net as well. Still, we're just guessing that there will be more than a few eyeballs pointed at Blizzard's online playground whenever StarCraft II graces the world with its presence.

[Via Edge]

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