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Move over, Sholes: Verizon getting Android-powered 'Desire' from HTC?

Chris Ziegler

A good, hard look at Verizon's WinMo strategy tells you that the company isn't loyal to a single brand when it comes to mobile platforms (and why should it be?), so we can't say we're terribly surprised to see a leaked inventory doc suggesting HTC wants in on Big Red's Android action. All of the Verizon-focused Android talk as of late has focused on Motorola's Sholes -- but as Android goes, HTC's still the Goliath to Moto's David, so it would make a lot of sense that we're seeing some action out of Taiwan here, especially in light of the fact that we've got the CDMA-flavored Hero coming up for Sprint. The screenshot leads us to believe that the model will be called "Desire" (now that we hear it, we're surprised Samsung hasn't snapped that up already) with a model number of 6200, sourced through the shadowy industry middlemen over at PCD. Beyond that, though, your guess is as good as ours.

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