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Naughty Dog shows off Uncharted 2's machinima tools


Perhaps you've heard of Red Vs. Blue? The amateur movie makers at Rooster Teeth used the Halo franchise to launch a rather prolific machinima series, with over 100 episodes constructed from naught but witty dialogue and bobbing cyborg heads. Naughty Dog is hoping the community will take advantage of Uncharted 2 in the same way with its suite of impressive machinima tools.

Most will use the in-game recording to show off their best multiplayer moments, but the truly dedicated will be enticed by what Uncharted 2 can offer. Players can place Drake in front of a green screen, for example, and queue up various animations and camera angles. Taking that footage, a professional video editor can transplant Drake into the Sex and the City movie or an old episode of Power Rangers -- the possibilities are endless!

In addition, players can don a headset when doing facial close-ups. The animation system is intelligent enough to turn your audio stream into lip syncing for the on-screen characters. For added authenticity, you can even hire Nolan North to voice Drake. It should be pretty easy, considering he seemingly never turns down a role ever. Check out the tools in motion after the break.

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