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Fiscal Q3 not exactly a Birthday Party Bash for Take-Two


Take-Two reported a net revenue for its Q3 2009 period (ending July 31) of $138.6 million. In the same period last year, the company reported revenues of $433.8 million. The company chalks its lowered earnings up to the fact that in Q3 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV had just launched and was still enjoying strong sales. On the other hand, Q3 2009's games included, well, not Grand Theft Auto IV. Three games launched in Q3: Birthday Party Bash, The BIGS 2, and Civilization IV: The Complete Edition.

The company has already announced that it doesn't expect to be profitable this year, and at this point it'll have to hold out until Borderlands, Episodes from Liberty City and the scattershot Chinatown Wars ports for any hope of a decent payday.

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