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Samsung's Galaxy Lite in the wild, looks ready for low-end Android battle with HTC Click

Chris Ziegler

We've been following the saga of the i5700 Galaxy Lite since early this month when it took the Wi-Fi Alliance's certification program by storm, and now it seems that French site FrAndroid may very well have exposed Samsung's second Google-ified handset to the harsh light of the real world for the first time. As its name implies, this would likely be a cheap entry to slot in beneath the Galaxy -- and the current rumor has it signed up for 3G, WiFi, possible "Google Experience" certification, and an honest-to-goodness trackball, a feature sorely missed on the Galaxy by some. Strangely, there doesn't seem to be a Home button which we thought was an Android requirement, but it's possible that Samsung's concealed it along the side or made it a long-press function for another button. The site claims that this'll be hitting French streets next month, so we may not have long to wait before the epic Click / Galaxy Lite smackdown makes things surprisingly interesting on the low end of the smartphone market -- and with Nokia looking to play in the same space with the 5230, this segment could end up hosting some of the most interesting mobile action over the coming year.

[Via MobileCrunch and Samsung Hub]

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