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Trine 'stuck' in Quality Assurance testing, dev unsure of release date


Remember that game Trine? The summer is quickly coming to a close, and we've yet to see the innovative multiplayer platformer hit the PlayStation Network. What happened to the game, and why isn't it out yet?

Develpoer Frozenbyte's CEO Lauri Hyvärinen spoke with GameSetWatch and said the game has been stalled due to Sony's rigorous QA testing. "On consoles it takes weeks, even months if the game gets stuck in the technical quality testing stuff. It's not anybody's fault really, and it guarantees a better end product, but the time it takes can be frustrating."

Frustration? We certainly didn't notice that in our comments section! Unfortunately, Hyvärinen doesn't have much to console us. According to Frozenbyte, they're as in the dark about the release as we are: "I think we are waiting for the PSN release just as much as gamers out there." Hopefully, Trine will see release soon -- before the holiday's big guns start hogging all our attention.


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