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Battle Tanks rolling onto PSN this month for $10


Gameloft is ready to bring that most classic of ideas to the PSN: Tanks blowing each other up. The astoundingly generic name for this iteration on the genre is Battle Tanks, which will be available sometime this month for $10. Don't let our tone fool you, we drool like any other red-blooded gamer at the idea of tanks using assorted weaponry to destroy one another.

Death Tank, Doom Tank, Panzer Pincher, Battle Tanks will support a co-op mode for the campaign -- don't see the word "online" there -- and comes with 50 "maze and paint ball-like levels." Multiplayer supports up to four players in death match and ... capture the flag? Clearly we missed the part where the name was changed to Chase Tanks. Ooh! Is the flag some sort of super weapon?

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