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First Impressions: Fallen Earth

In First Impressions, Krystalle takes on a MMO and reports back at what you can expect from the game. Is it painful? Awesome? Find out as she takes an unscientific (and fairly opinionated) view of a game you may not have had a chance to play. Also remember, this is not a review; simply a First Impression - as such, we always recommend you give games that seem interesting a shot and decide for yourself.

Welcome back my friends, for some games that never end. With most of the craziness of the summer travel season and an injury behind me, it's time to dig in and get back to First Impressions. This time we're taking a look at the crunchy, post-apocalyptic indie title, Fallen Earth. Set to launch on the 15th, with a pre-launch start on the 9th, Fallen Earth is the first entry into the market for Fallen Earth, LLC, a spin-off of Icarus Studios. To say that it is an ambitious step into the field is an understatement of some pretty extreme proportions. It's not every day an MMO company decides to drop an MMO smack into the middle of a scale map of the Grand Canyon. More properly, a post Shiva-virus and nuclear post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon. Ambitious? Definitely. Whether or not it works, well... read on for my First Impressions, and make your own call once you have more of an idea what's in play here.

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