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Rumor: Apple TV news on Sept. 9


The rumors are flying around the upcoming Apple press event like bees in a clover field; bees goaded on by Piper Jaffray's Senior Research Analyst, Gene Munster.

On Monday, he suggested that the iPhone will be on multiple carriers in the US by next year. Yesterday, he predicted that Steve Jobs himself could make an appearance at next week's press event. Today, it's the Apple TV he's after. Citing short delivery times on the current 40GB model, he suspects that the 40GB model will be phased out and the 160GB model made less expensive.

Even if this does happen, we expect that Steve (or whomever) won't mention it. It wouldn't be the first time Apple made a change to the Apple TV immediately following a press event without having said a word.

For now, keep buzzing, little bees.

Update: Jim Dalrymple at The Loop has poured cold water on Munster's Apple TV prognostications. Dalrymple reports "very reliable sources" denying any introductions for non-music products at the 9/9 event.

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