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VUDU's 1080p movie streaming goes live on LG Netcast HDTVs

Darren Murph

You knew good and well it was coming, and come it has. Starting today, those fortunate enough to own an LG Broadband HDTV in the LH50 LCD series and PS80 plasma range can tap into VUDU's growing library of on-demand 1080p films. If you're still skeptical, we'll invite you to surf over to your set's Netcast interface; from there, you can either update your software to gain VUDU access or begin viewing right away (depending on when you purchased your tele). Oh, and if you're thinking of just lallygagging around while the rest of the world takes advantage, you should know that your first HD or HDX movie rental is gratis for a limited time, so there's some pretty obvious motivation to hop on it. Anyone given it a go? Impressed / unimpressed?

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