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PS3 firmware 3.0 locking out knock-off controllers?


Well, here's a bit of a curious situation. As Joystiq reports, it wasn't long after the PS3 firmware 3.0 went live that the first reports of problems started cropping up, with one particularly nagging issue being that some controllers (specifically the CECHZC2H Ceramic White DualShock3) seemed to be locked out of the console once the update was installed. After hashing it out a bit on the official PlayStation3 forum, however, users apparently determined that the controllers in question were in fact knock-offs and not official Sony product, which raises some different but just as interesting questions. Namely, is Sony locking the knock-offs out on purpose, or is firmware 3.0 just too much for them to handle? For its part, Sony doesn't seem to be saying anything on the matter just yet, but we'll keep you posted.

[Via Joystiq]

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