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Remember to pre-order Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for a free soundtrack


GameStop's listing for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (also on PS2, PSP) includes a pre-order item that seems perfect for a Silent Hill game: a soundtrack disc containing "18 of your favorite tracks from the Silent Hill series." Akira Yamaoka's music is one of the standout elements of the series, so if you don't already have a bunch of Silent Hill pre-order bonus soundtracks, you'll want this one. Oddly, the wording makes it sound like it's a Silent Hill sampler and not necessarily a Shattered Memories sampler, though we're sure at least a few tracks from the new game will appear.

Shattered Memories does not have an official release date, but GameStop has moved its tentative date from October to November 3. So it's delayed, kind of?

[Via GoNintendo]

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