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The Secret World reveals new game trailer, factions

James Egan

The Secret World is Funcom's next MMO that they've kept under lock and key for quite a while now. Despite all the secrecy, we know it's a modern day setting with heavy overtones of the occult and mysticism. Past images released for The Secret World have shown shambling, twisted corpses walking through a town. There was also a Cthulu-esque scene of a thing-that-cannot-be-named obliterating city streets, a lone woman wielding a katana facing off against it. They've told us that players will form cabals to uncover mysteries and deal with supernatural threats. Still, there hasn't been much to go on.

What Funcom reveals about The Secret World at PAX in the coming days will be "the biggest thing on TSW yet", but apparently secrets just want to be set free. We came across a YouTube video of The Secret World's second trailer (embedded below), with a shotgun toting girl tracking some monstrosity that can scatter its form into a murder of crows. You can also see the trailer in high res that's part of an exclusive on the Norwegian site Plus, they've got eleven new screenshots and bits of concept art up on their site as well.

Funcom has updated the official website for The Secret World to include a quiz that assesses which of the game's secret societies you're best suited for. Are you paranoid (maybe you should be)? Do you seek knowledge, or just power? Progress through the quiz and you'll see which of the game's factions you belong with: Illuminati, Dragons, or Templars. There's a description of each faction at the end of the quiz. Take the Initiation Test and see what role you'll play in The Secret World.

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