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WoW Moviewatch: Ulduar: Defiance


Slaytanic pointed out to us yesterday that Atraira has released the first installment of the new movie titled Ulduar: Defiance. The video is an interesting, cinematic look at the boss fights in Ulduar. Atraira, of course, is the machinimator who created the WoW video for Lonely Island's Boombox. We were pretty excited about the trailer, so it was awesome to see the movie make a release.

The basic idea behind Ulduar: Defiance seems to be that a Paladin is plagued by dreams about the home of the Titans. Gathering up 24 of her closest friends and allies, she then proceeds to kick some butt in Ulduar. The music and camera work for the fight scenes are all very well done, and I found myself incredibly motivated by listening to Atraira's soundtrack.

What really stood out about this video, however, was actually the opening dream portion. Atraira did an amazing job of filming a Scourge attack on Lordaeron. It was a brilliant, creative opening sequence. After such a strong start, the various boss-kill scenes weren't quite as impressive. Don't get me wrong -- it was still fun and I'll be watching it again. But, wow, Atraira really knocked that opening dream sequence out of the park.

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