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Ask a Faction Leader: Genn Greymane

Michael Sacco
Save is likely the luckiest news outlet out there, as we've stumbled upon an unprecedented opportunity -- the faction leaders of the Horde and Alliance have agreed to give us an audience and let us ask them questions about whatever we'd like. To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, we're letting our readers send in questions to ask the leaders -- whether they're looking for advice, seeking answers to lore questions that've stymied them, or need a great idea for a gift for that special someone.

This week's leader, in honor of the upcoming Cataclysm expansion, is King Genn Greymane, ruler of Gilneas and leader of the playable Worgen faction. Greymane has taken time out of his very busy day to let us have a word with him in Greymane Manor on the coast of the besieged Gilnean Peninsula.

Our first reader question:

Dear King Greymane,

My friend Spookydark has been acting a bit strange lately. When he's not chasing the undercity mail master around, he's either digging down various insignificant items or running aimlessly in circles. He also spends a great deal of time shaving, and when we tried to confront him about his behaviour a week ago, he bit my guildmaster and ran away for 3 days. Is this something to be concerned about, or is it simply a phase he's going through?

Yours sincerely

P.S. Do houses in Gilneas have stairs in them?

Genn responds:

Thanks for writing in, Kilran. Normally I'd be, let's say just a tad remiss to take advice questions regarding the Forsaken, as -- oh, hang on just a scosche here, need to -- WHAT? YEAH, I SAID BOMB THE WHOLE BOAT, NOT -- NO THAT'S RIGHT, JUST MAKE SURE THAT THOSE FLESHBAGS WITH THE MEATHOOKS GET THEIRS TOO. WHA --SPEAK UP, LIAM -- RIGHT, THE MESSAGE TO SYLVANAS SHOULD SAY "TAKE YOUR QUIVER AND SHOV--" RIGHT, WELL DONE, LIAM. OFF YOU GO.

So sorry about that, we're dealing with some Gilnean business outside. Where was I ... ah, yes. Kilran, the worgen curse doesn't seem to affect the undead, so it's likely that your friend is schizophrenic and should seek psychiatric help immediately.

Regarding your postscript, many Gilnean houses have stairs in them -- we pride ourselves on extravagant worksmanship. If you're looking to live in Gilneas, you might have to delay your move slightly due to the troubles we're experiencing; we considered ourselves protected, but the Cataclysm has been a huge pain in our ta--, err, rears, if you'll pardon my Darnassian.

Hi, King Greymane. When the Second War ended, the Alliance nations were presented with a decision about what to do with the defeated orcs. It sounded like quite the contentious issue from the arguments in Capital City. (The windows were open, sorry.) How do you feel about how everything played out?


Genn responds:

I've been getting this question a lot lately, actually; not from my subjects, mind you, because they're not idiots, but concern about orcs is definitely wafting through my throne room recently. Well, some of you older Alliance members may remember us constructing and closing the Greymane Wall after the Second War. All told, we had our reasons for doing so, but for one, I had a bit of a difference of opinion with the other Alliance leaders as to what we should do to the orcs after the War. Terenas -- sorry, the late King Menethil, Light rest his foolish soul -- thought penning them up in camps would be the best way of handling the "situation", where "situation" is "orcs existing at all".

My recommended treatment -- that is, a hole in the ground -- wasn't taken seriously, and I wasn't about to give my nation's resources to an Alliance that would keep green-skinned savages alive on my silver. I understand there have been some heroics by Orcs while we've been minding our own business. That sure is nice for them. Maybe for their next trick they can resurrect the thousands of my people that they killed. Oh, wait! That's right. Orcs can't be priests or paladins.

To Genn Greymane:

I currently play an orc warrior, with a sideline into orc shamanism. With the announcement of Cataclysm finally being here, I had planned on faction changing my shaman into a worgen shaman, and rolling a troll druid. But now that I can't do that (I love me some trolls), what would you suggest I roll? I love the druid class, but I really wanted a Worgen shaman, and I don't want to level another shaman on the horde side.


Genn responds:

Ah! Wonderful. I'm not surprised that the Horde inspires one to become a turncoat, but what kind of King would I be to turn away a prospective Gilnean.

While it's true that native Gilneans aren't practitioners of shamanism, you can rest easy knowing that every Gilnean is well in tune with the elements. Just look at our beautiful farms, rose gardens, and parks. In fact, as a Gilnean, you can be just as close to the earth as you would be as an Orc Shaman, only without taking part in heathen rituals and constructing graven idols.

We have a wide variety of career choices in Gilneas for the martially inclined, such as a royal guard or a crown assassin. If you're more into the eldritch arts, we've plenty of choices available there, too -- royal mages, for example. And there's always the priesthood. Gilneas is truly the land of opportunity.

In the event that you decide not to come over to our side, though, let me know, and I can make sure that you're helped to be even closer to the earth. So to speak.

Your Majesty,

So, being a diehard horde player, I'm pretty solidly of the opinion that Varian is the worst thing to happen to Azeroth since the Maelstrom. However, I understand that the Alliance may feel differently. Is the Horde alone in these feelings? Or are you guys tired of his rabble-rousing as much as we are?

Knight of the Ebon Blade

Genn responds:

Varian, a man who hates the orcs probably even more than I do, the worst thing to happen to the Alliance in ages? Yes, clearly. It's certainly not the daughter of a Light-damned Proudmoore openly pining for the affections of an Orc Warchief. Are these questions even screened?

Mr. Greymane,

"Blood" elves, great traitors or the greatest traitors?


Genn responds:

Honestly, Steve, I don't understand why anyone thinks the Alliance losing the support of Silvermoon was any big loss. Granted, having another Alliance stronghold in northern Lordaeron would be handy right about, uh, now, but it's like this. Prince Sunstrider essentially took with him as many absolutely gormless elves could fit through a Dark Portal. Meanwhile, we still have plenty of High Elves on our side, led by an actual living Windrunner, and a finely-built one at that -- err, can you not publish that bit? You know us Gilneans; not the easiest thing for us to keep our instincts in check.

That's all for our audience with King Genn Greymane! Next week, we'll be speaking with Garrosh Hellscream, leader of the Horde's Warsong Offensive! If you have questions for Garrosh, whether you need advice or have questions about Horde politics or anything in between, send them via email to with the subject line "AAFL".

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