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AT&T tries to repair the PR damage

Mel Martin

We've complained often about the PR mistakes that AT&T has committed. Customer communication has been poor or absent.

The result has been sinking approval for the company, and AT&T is pretty much getting the blame for any problems the iPhone has.

After finally announcing a date for MMS functionality yesterday, AT&T is taking the proverbial bull by the horns and talking about the issues that have left many customers angry and hoping for a way out of their AT&T contract. Namely: 3G coverage concerns and bandwidth issues that affect speed and connectivity.

So now we have a YouTube video with a dude that looks a bit like 'Mac' on the Apple TV ads (or Stephen Colbert's kid brother). He's a bit untidy and has a couple days of stubble, not the usual AT&T pristine spokesperson (think Bill Kurtis on the AT&T Mobility ads). He identifies himself as 'Seth the blogger guy.'

I couldn't find the new video on the AT&T Wireless site, but it may be there somewhere. I did notice that the company still hasn't updated the MMS information, so it still says 'coming late this summer'. Oh well.

The video is below.

We've seen Seth before. He was hauled out in all his geekiness in July to talk about AT&T free Wi-Fi at company operated hotspots. We also had the pleasure of his company in June to talk about the unpopular iPhone 3GS upgrade policies.

Well, does it work for you. Feel all better now? I didn't think so.

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