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EverQuest offers up double experience for the Labor Day weekend

William Dobson

So you've got a long weekend ahead of you (if you're from the USA) and you're wondering how to spend your time. SOE wants to help make up your mind for you. They've put forward a hefty incentive for you to stop by EverQuest's Norrath at some point during the weekend, offering to make it doubly rewarding to do so. That's right -- the rate of experience will be doubled starting from 10:00AM PDT today, allowing players to speed their characters through the levels, or perhaps just rack up eleventy-million AA points. For the best results, make sure to do your hunting in one of the current Hot Zones that show up on the Welcome Screen; we've been assured that the bonuses do stack.

Very generously, the bonus will continue to be applied until 10:00AM PDT on Tuesday. If you pull an all-nighter to catch the tail-end of it and go into work looking like a zombie, at least you'll be able to brag about all the levels you gained.

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