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Moore: 'No plans right now' for new NASCAR installment

EA's time with the NASCAR series has come to an end, at least for the time being, says EA Sports boss Peter Moore. Speaking with GameSpot UK, Moore said that the sports division of the mega-publisher has "no plans right now" to develop a new NASCAR title. Since debuting in 1997, EA Sports has developed nearly 20 NASCAR based racing games -- ending with the Wii-exclusive NASCAR Kart Racing in early 2009.

According to Moore, the company was forced to make "tough trade-offs," sending an undisclosed number of NASCAR developers to work on the upcoming -- and controversial -- EA Sports MMA title. Thankfully, EA has filled any void we'd have for the loss of one racing franchise with no less than sixteen Need for Speed games by the end of 2010*.

*We're exaggerating. We hope.

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