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Nokia's Ovi Software Development Kit released to invited and excited Javascripters

Tim Stevens

Nokia's Ovi Store launched in late May -- and then promptly crashed. The company has long-since gotten everything working smoothly and so is now so confident about its stability that it's letting other developers in on the party. Coders proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript can apply for access to the beta SDK, invitations for which are being doled out right now. The navigation-focused kit includes a number of UI widgets and controls that will help any 'ol app sport the clean, understated Nokia look, as well as things like the Ovi Navigation Player API, which makes nav-related apps much easier to get up and running. Nokia's not giving any indication of just how long the line at the door is or what criteria it's using to judge who gets past the red velvet rope into this shin-dig, but we'd recommend at least a shave and a clean shirt before applying. Vids excitedly discussing this wondrous new world are embedded below.

[Via Nokia Conversations]

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