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PAX 2009: Uncharted 2 limited edition announced, you can't buy it


You're going to have to be quite fortunate if you intend to score one of the prized Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Limited Edition sets that Naughty Dog is having made, seeing as it won't be sold in stores. Unveiled this evening at the PAX '09 "sneak peek" panel, the extra-special packaging of the hotly-anticipated game includes a replica of the Purba Dagger featured prominently in the story, an art book and vouchers for yet-to-be-announced DLC. The only way to get one is to win one -- and exactly how to do that hasn't been disclosed.

After the reveal, the Naughty Dogs on stage told the audience to look under their seats. Unfortunately, this wasn't an "Oprah Moment" -- only one (very lucky) attendee plucked a red ticket from under his chair, securing a copy of what's sure to be a memorable keepsake. We bet his gleefulness was off the chart.

PlayStation.Blog has more details -- it's signed by the dev team! -- and a photo of the set. We're getting to the bottom of how these superb sets will be distributed, so stay tuned.

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