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Sega hopes to activate Natal, Sony Motion plans in early 2010


"I kind of think of it as the land of bunsen burners and test tubes," Sega West president Mike Hayes recently told IndustryGamers, commenting on the company's experimentation with Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's motion controller. Hayes claims that while Sega is still getting into the swing, kick and jump of things, it hopes to toss out official announcements in early 2010. "We have our ideas and we know what we want to do, but the technology is pretty new, particularly with Natal, so we've got to get to grips with the technology and see if it can do what we want it [to] do," he said.

Of course, turning your body into a controller is something Sega wanted to do back in the days of the Genesis. With Microsoft and Sony taking care of the hard part, perhaps it's time to bust out all those unused Activator concept games.

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