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SpursEngine-based Winfast HPVC1100 video encoder hits Japan this month


Intrigued by the thought of some SpursEngine-powered video encoding promised by the Leadtek Winfast HPVC1100 external video encoder that first cropped up way back in May? Then it looks like you're now in luck -- if you live in Japan, that is. According to Akihabara News, the device will finally be hitting store shelves in the country sometime this month, and set you back a somewhat hefty ¥40,000, or about $430 -- although we're sure that's more than acceptable for some folks looking to save some time in the field. Still no word on a release 'round here, unfortunately, although that should be a fairly solid bet if the company's WinFast PxVC1100 PCI-E card is any indication.

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