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WoW Moviewatch: Azeroth Super Villains Episode 7 teaser


Today's WoW Moviewatch is just a brief trailer. But it's a trailer than I know many, many people are going to be pretty excited about. Ian Beckman is returning to the beloved Azeroth Super Villains. In fact, this is the trailer for Azeroth Super Villains 7.

In the trailer, Ian's chilling out at home and eating some chips. That's when he notices an odd, blonde figure running up to him from the distance. Within moments, it turns out the blonde figure is Kael'Thas, who's here to remind Ian the same things many fans have been saying: it's time for another episode!

The new episode is due out in November. (Ian had originally been thinking December, but Kael'Thas warned him that he shouldn't wait that long.) This teaser is pretty early in that regard, but I thnk the brief appearance of Kael'Thas lets us know that Ian hasn't lost "his touch" at the series.

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