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PAX 2009: More characters for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Kevin Kelly

Activision isn't officially at PAX this year, the publisher just dropped in to hijack our eyeballs for the evening so we could spend some with with Blur, Tony Hawk Ride, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. In the midst of the gaming and socializing, Acti revealed a few new playable characters in MUA2: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and exclusive to the Wii ... Goofy!

Okay, we jest. The ink still isn't dry on that contract yet, but we hope that future versions of this game will gave us some sort of Disney hint, even if it's just a Scrooge McDuck level where you have to swim through gold coins. All kidding aside, MUA2 has added Iceman to the PS3/360 version, while the Wii inexplicably gains the cooler characters of Cyclops, Psylocke, and Blade. Where's the justice?!

While we go vigilante and deal with this news, feel free to check out the gallery below and the new Iceman video just after the break.

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