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WRUP: Something I noticed edition


As we were preparing for this weekend's WRUP, I noticed something. In the past, you may have noticed Alex noticing that some of us had forgotten the P in WRUP. This is to say, that many of us were not playing WoW, and in fact were not playing any video game whatsoever!

I noticed that not only are we back to playing games on this lovely Labor Day weekend, but that we're specifically playing WoW. Well, except for Alex, Adam, and Sacco. They all hate Azeroth and want the Scourge to win.

  • Adam Holisky: (@adamholisky) - um... Champions Online
  • Alex Ziebart: (@aziebart) - Now that BlizzCon and all of that is behind us, I'm going to show my personal blogs a little love. I finally put up my little sister's Neri Ame review, which I'd been sitting on for weeks. Beyond that, probably working on my Paladin's Ret gear and tackling Trial of the Grand Crusader with my raid.
  • Robin Torres: (@cosmiclaurel) - There will be more Itchee with The Spawn, but mostly there will be leveling my drood in Battlegrounds. I will of course intend to complete the daily BG quests and go into Strand of the Ancients because it is the holiday, but I will actually be in AV most of the time.
  • Lisa Poisso: (@eMused) - Uh-oh – the faction transfer happened sooner than we thought, and our newest team of PvP stealthers is coming together fast. Time to zip up to level!
  • Michael Gray (@writegray) - Warsong Gulch weekend. Needeth I sayeth moreth?

  • Eddie Carrington: (@Brigwyn) - It's a 3 day weekend! So I'm going to take full advantage of it and push my way onward towards 80. I'm also going to try and meet up with some local wow players for a bit of offline fun. So keep an eye out on Twitter for where I'll be relaxing.
  • Daniel Whitcomb: (@danielwhitcomb) - Since BG Experience has finally been the magic elixir that has allowed me to dedicate myself to getting my Druid level 80, I will probably continue running AV with him. Of course, I may also take a break and do some questing to upgrade his gear. He's ultimately going to be a PvE healer at 80, so Gladiator stuff won't cut it for long, and I won't be able to buy a full set before I hit 80 anyway, most likely.

    I also sort of want to level my Shaman to 80 and transfer him Horde-side so I can have a high level female Orc (They're the second hottest female PCs behind Dwarves, in my humble opinion), and transfer my Blood Elf Paladin Alliance-side because I have more fun playing him than I thought I would and might want to make him one of my main alts, but I am still debating on that.
  • Matt Low (@mattycus) - Will be participating in some early morning alt raids! There's something to be said for raiding early in the morning as opposed to later on in the evenings.
  • Zach Yonzon: (@battlemasters) - Will sparsely be in Azeroth this weekend, but will be in that other happy place -- Tokyo Disneyland! The rest of the weekend will be spent with relatives in Tokyo, Ibaraki, and visiting the Ghibli Museum.
  • Michael Sacco: (@mikesacco) - Probably no WoW this weekend -- we're moving cross-country -- but @annamoony and I spent the night getting our alts (my priest and her druid) to 68 so we could enjoy Northrend.
  • Matthew Rossi: This weekend is heavy Shaman playing. I intend to get my baby shaman on Kilrogg leveled some so I can xfer it to a dwarf, and my Draenei is going into the Coliseum.
  • Chase Christian: (@madsushi) - Leveling an alt for the first time ever. I am playing a Priest, to see how the other side feels when I gank them. I'm up to 62, and will be pushing for 70 over the long weekend.
  • Amanda Miller - Our Guild may organize an easy raid Sunday night for whoever happens to be around. I've also been leveling my hunter, and I'd like to get him closer to 80.
  • Allison Robert: Grabbing Guildies for an Oculus run or two for next week's OverAchiever, probably leveling my Shaman a bit more, and wondering, "What does this button do?" on other alts.
  • Gregg Reece: I'll be at Dragon*Con enjoying their MMO track. Hopefully, I'll also be able to meet up with Felicia Day who is slated to do some panels.

What about you, beloved reader? What are you noticing yourself getting up to?

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