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Potential Lt. Governor of Guam is also a hardcore WoW player


Guam is a territory of the United States and has one non-voting member in the U.S. House of Representatives. It's the largest of the Mariana Islands, as well as the most southern island of that grouping. It's also home to a potential future Lieutenant Governor who is also a serious WoW player.

Senator Ray Tenorio wrote to say that he would be running for Lt. Governor alongside his friend Senator Eddie Baza Calvo, who is the one running for Governor. He also said that he wanted to let people know that gamers are the same folks who "fight and die for democracy, conduct intricate procedures in professional careers, and, Yes, even make policy." And while that sounds like a lot of political season rhetoric, the Lietutenant Governor has already established his gamer credentials.

Senator Tenorio's character Paleray is a Dwarf Priest in the Knights of the Mariannas on Silverhand. I'll save you the trouble of looking up whether he qualifies as "skilled" or "nub." Not only is he rocking several Hard Mode Achievements out of Ulduar, but he's an old-school player. Senator Tenorio is a Knight-Lieutenant from the old PvP system. While it wasn't one of the worst "grindy" titles, it certainly shows that the Senator has spent some time around Azeroth. Best wishes to Ray on going from Knight-Lieutenant to Lietuenant Governor.

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