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Minor graphical effects missing in Wii Metroid Prime


It turns out the word "damn" isn't the only thing missing from Metroid Prime Trilogy. This YouTube video (after the break) demonstrates a few minor, but nice, graphical effects that seem to have been excised from the Wii release of the first Metroid Prime -- specifically, the ripple effect when Samus moves around in water, and the Ice Beam's freezing condensation, which used to gather around the gun when charging Ice Beam shots.

At first we thought the effects might have been a casualty of the process of cramming three games onto one disc, but this video shows that the Japanese version of Prime on Wii, which had a Wii disc all to itself, also lacks the freezing effect (skip to the last thirty seconds to see). So what happened? It could merely be a glitch, or the result of a hasty port. It's certainly nothing to get too upset or burn your Trilogy disc over. Just kind of ... odd.

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