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One Shots: Needs more Snuggie Wizards

Last night we attended the Sony Online Entertainment party here at Dragon*Con 2009. While there, we were introduced to something new courtesy of EverQuest II's Senior Producer, Alan "Brenlo" Crosby - Snuggie Wizards! Today, in honor of last night's momentous Snuggie Wizard spotting, we bring you a great EverQuest II image from Ratwarlock, MMO blogger, who has sent in several gorgeous EverQuest II images. Ratwarlock writes in: [This] is simply a snapshot of an adventuring party deep within the halls of Guk. Guk is a dungeon zone introduced in the most recent expansion, and is among the hardest 6-man dungeon instances currently in the game. I believe this group was a paladin, a fury, a troubador, a warlock, inquisitor, and necromancer. We'd bet a Snuggie Wizard would tear that place up - or at least make his group-mates jealous of his comfortable warmth, anyway.

If you've got a great image showing a group adventuring, we'd love to see it. Just email it to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a quick description. All games from large to small are welcome! All it takes is a few minutes of your time. (Bonus points for Snuggie Wizard screens.)

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