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Rumor: Could the new iPod touch be delayed?

Joachim Bean

Here at TUAW, we are all looking forward to the possible launch of a new iPod touch at Apple's music event on Wednesday. After all, who isn't excited after a slow Labor Day weekend (with no talkcast)? Unfortunately, over at AppleInsider and HardMac, they are both reporting that the new iPod touch revision may be delayed. They state that the delay could be related to last-minute technical issues with the rumored camera modules on the new devices.

We have already seen many case designs in various places showing a opening on the back for a possible camera, which already makes for lots of speculation. However, both sites still expect that new a iPod touch will be announced on Wednesday, but the new devices might not ship immediately after the announcement. It's still not known if this will affect possible upcoming iPod nano and iPod classic refreshes, which might also include a camera. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long to get our hands (and fingers!) on a new iPod touch with a camera.

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