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Elliptic Labs returns with more red hot touchless UI action


Elliptic Labs is back on the scene with another demo of its touchless UI. This time 'round the company's teamed up with Opera and presents us with a much more polished affair, not to mention a couple technical details. According to CEO Stian Aldrin, the device is based on ultrasound, tracks the hand itself (no reflector or sensor necessary), has a range of one foot, and has been designed to be either embedded in any electronic device (including a cellphone) or to connect to devices via USB. The company's current demo shows the technology being used to flip through photos in an Opera widget. Sure, a couple simple one-gesture commands isn't exactly "pulling all the stops," as far as a proof-of-concept goes, but we're looking forward to seeing what this company comes up with in the future. Peep for yourself after the break.

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