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New WoW Model Viewer available

Matthew Rossi

Yes, I went out and made a screenshot of a Worgen with two wolf-headed fist weapons. I did this via the latest iteration of WoW Model Viewer, freshly updated this Saturday, September 5th to work for patch 3.2. While it has a posted warning use it at your own risk which I thought I should mention, I should also mention I've been using it for the past half an hour with no harm and no foul. I've even been able to play with Trial of the Crusader loot. Go behind the jump to see a Worgen dual-wielding a Justicebringer and Reckoning. Not that I'm obsess with Titan's Grip Worgen or anything. Okay, so I totally am. At any rate, so far as I can tell, this version of the Model Viewer is stable and working with all current models.

This update by Chuanhsing even fixed the issue I was having where all my models came out textureless. I have no idea what it was happening in the first place, but I'm glad to see it gone.

So for you aspiring (or even active) machinamists or even just folks like me who like to dress up their future Worgen character with various gear options (sadly, you still can't get them in armor) there's a new toy out there for you to play with. Yay for progress!

Go forth and do great, terrible, or just silly things, for at last you again have a tool to make it easier.

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