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RAmos' Q25ihi touchscreen PMP hits Korea under MuMu Music brand


If there's one thing RAmos hasn't been fond of lately it's buttons, and it looks like it's not about to change its ways with this new Q25ihi player, which keeps things about as simple (and familiar) as can be. It doesn't look like the company is cutting too many corners with the parts this time around, however, as the player apparently sports a 3.1-inch capacitive display, along with a G-Sensor for screen rotation and "retro flexion functions," a built-in FM tuner and transmitter, support for all the usual audio / video formats, and capacities ranging from a mere 1GB to 16GB. No word on a price just yet, but it looks like the player should now be available in Korea under RAmos' MuMu Music brand, and will soon be available in China as the Q25L.

[Via iTech News Net]

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