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How to build a Big Daddy costume, in many complicated steps


Eager to spend a few hundred hours toiling away on some heavy clothes that'll probably hurt like crazy when you wear them, and will definitely make you look like a grotesque monster? Yeah, okay, we are too. This BioShock Big Daddy costume built by master game prop fabricator Harrison Krix is just that great.

Krix thoughtfully provided step-by-step instructions so you can attempt to fabricate your own Big Daddy. It's mostly made from an insulation-foam and cardboard skeleton, covered with expanding foam, with one of those domes from a ceiling-mounted security camera for the head and custom-molded resin details. And then there's ... the articulated cardboard-and-PVC animatronic hand.

Okay, maybe the fact that he's shown how he did this doesn't necessarily mean we can do it.

[Via Sidequesting; Thanks, Dali!]

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