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Leyio quietly intros 8GB personal sharing device, iPod / iPhone firmware update

Darren Murph

Leyio had a lot going against it from the word go: it utilized a nearly-dead wireless format in UWB, it could really only share information with other Leyio devices and it cost quite a bundle for what it did. Unfortunately for the company, we've little confidence that clearing up two of those issues now will trigger mass adoption for the so-called personal sharing device, but either way, users looking for a cheaper option can now select an 8GB version for "just" £99 ($163). The existing 16GB model has slipped slightly to £129 ($213), while users around the world anxiously await a forthcoming firmware update that'll enable data stored on a Leyio to be wirelessly transferred to an iPod, iPhone or a slew of other PMPs. Seems as if that bit of functionality should've been there to start, but hey, what do we know?

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