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A roundup of Snow Leopard compatibility announcements


Now that the shock of Mac OS X 10.6's early release has worn off, many developers are announcing that their products are now completely compatible with Snow Leopard. Here's a list of the latest devs to speak up.

Realmac Software announced that RapidWeaver 4.3 is now available. This newest version of Realmac's popular website development tool adds several improvements, but the main attraction is full compatibility with Snow Leopard. Existing owners of RapidWeaver can update for free by using the built-in Check for Updates feature, or download the update here.

Users of Cocktail, the Mac utility from Maintain, can now rest assured that the application will run properly under Snow Leopard. Cocktail 4.5 Snow Leopard Edition has not only been tested for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6, but it also adds 64-bit support and major speed improvements to Pilot. Maintain also updated Automator actions and the help files, and Cocktail 4.5 contains an updated version of the Sparkle software update framework. The update can be downloaded here.

Read on for even more Snow Leopard update news.

Doctors and dentists using MacPractice can now update their Macs to Snow Leopard, but should be aware of several equipment-dependent issues. MacPractice 3.6.8 is working well with Snow Leopard, but there is an image capture issue for dentists who are using the direct interface between MacPractice DR and SuniRay sensors. The company also reports that "users who use the Fujitsu ScanSnap with MacPractice Attachments will find there is currently an issue that interferes with the ability of ScanSnap Manager to remember the folder location in which to place scanned documents." In both cases, MacPractice is working with Apple and the hardware vendors to resolve the issues.

CS Odessa, developers of the ConceptDraw line of software, report that the ConceptDraw Office suite (made up of ConceptDraw Pro, ConceptDraw Mindmap, and ConceptDraw Project) is now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. The update is available at no charge for CS Odessa customers who are using the current shipping versions of the products. Customers who are using previous versions of the ConceptDraw suite can upgrade to the latest edition for a slight fee.

A Better Finder Rename 8.28 has been announced by as being compatible with Snow Leopard. The latest version also fixes an MP3 tag reading problem, but primarily updates the System Preferences pane, installation procedure, and the help files to work with Snow Leopard. If you're using version 8.x or have purchased the "Forever Upgrade" plan for this product, the update is free.

Do you use Tropical Software's TopXNotes? The developer reports that version 1.4.1 was tested as fully compatible with Snow Leopard, and that some users are experiencing faster launch times and a more responsive data-entry experience. If you're using an older version of TopXNotes, be sure to upgrade for free to the new version.

Still haven't heard whether or not your favorite Mac application will work with Snow Leopard? Matteo Nodari has a website that can help you find out what works and what doesn't. He has the current status on over 600 applications at

As TUAW receives more information about other Snow Leopard updates, we'll follow up with additional posts. Stay tuned while you're away from your Mac by using our TUAW iPhone app [iTunes link].

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