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APSI 100 GPS packs removable PMP, can't be removed from South Korea


GPS devices have been packing full PMP functionality for quite some time now, but few have come up with the bright idea of using an actual, removable PMP for the heart of the unit -- although Apple and TomTom are now doing their best attempt at a one-two punch. Korean manufacturer APSI now made its best attempt at a fully out-of-the-box solution with its new APSI 100 unit, however, which combines the simplicity of a touchscreen PMP with the in-car convenience of some old fashioned buttons and knobs. Unfortunately, the complete specs are a bit hard to decipher, but it looks like you will get some built-in DMB mobile TV (complete with an antenna jack on the base unit), along with some nifty 3D maps, and both AV inputs and outputs, among other standard fare. No word on a price, unfortunately, and it looks like this one is, and will likely remain, a Korean exclusive.

[Via OhGizmo!]

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