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If Fisher-Price made a portable 360 ...


... we imagine it would look a little something like this. Behold the Xbox 1080, created by one Carl Archambeault. First of all, let's stress that this product is not real. It's a conceptual mock-up, designed to "combine the gaming power of the Xbox 360 and the music and video power of the Microsoft Zune." It doesn't actually work though -- close inspection of the photos will reveal the handmade nature of the device.

As much as we like the idea of having a portable Xbox 360 -- and we're not the only ones -- the design leaves something to be desired. It's a bit largish, for one, and the bubbly aesthetics don't really match the svelte concavity of the Xbox 360. Also, we're not too sure about that toaster pop-up screen either. Still, it's a nice start and, heck, if you could play Halo on it, who cares what it looks like?

[Via Destructoid]

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