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Sharp refreshes its top of the line Blu-ray player with the BD-UP52U

Ben Drawbaugh

Sharp has waited for CEDIA to refresh its top of the line Blu-ray player and for good reason. You see although the older BD-UP50U was only Profile 1.1, and lacked most of the features we expect today, it was the only affordable BD player that featured RS-232 for home automation control. The good news is that control freaks won't have to make that much of a compromise anymore because the new BD-UP52U still has the aforementioned control interface, but also has has all the great Blu-ray features you're looking for -- you know like BD Live, a network adapter (apparently no WiFi) and the latest audio codecs. No fancy streaming services like Netflix or Vudu yet though, but the price and availability is all right at $379.99 this October. And the rep promised we'd see Netflix very very soon.

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