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Toshiba's 1.8-inch 160GB PATA disk is ready for KIRFers


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Wonder what's inside the latest iPod classic besides suave marketing and Pixi-dust? In a not-so coincidental announcement following yesterday's classic capacity bump, Toshiba unleashed specs on its newest 160GB 1.8-inch single-platter spinner that just happens to come in 120GB versions too. The Parallel ATA interface holds-tight the 5-mm / 48-gram disk spinning at 4,200 RPM. Interestingly enough, Tosh claims that its hard disk holds 45,000 digital photos, 42,000 songs, or 130 videos thereby besting Apple's claims on all counts. So get to it KIRFers, the MKxx34GAL series is shipping now and your marketing bullets have already been written.

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