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Valkyria Chronicles 2 gameplay footage looks as good as we want it to be


Don't be a hater. Valkyria Chronicles 2 may not be on the PS3 (or 360) as many had wished, but it certainly looks fine as-is on the PSP. Sega has done a remarkable job of recreating the look and, more importantly, gameplay of the original game. Considering the limited power of the PSP, we're positively surprised by the results.

With a brand new branching class system, and the promise of multiplayer, VC2 is shaping up to be the sequel we've all clamored for. Sure, it may not be in HD, but when was the last time you were able to play Valkyria Chronicles while on the toilet seat ... of an airplane? Check out another clip after the break.

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[Via PSPHyper]

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