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Yamaha adds two new models to its Blu-ray lineup

Ben Drawbaugh

No such thing as enough Blu-ray players in the world right? Seems just like yesterday we were searching show floors for prototypes and now we live in a time when you can rest assure that your favorite brand has more than one Blu-ray player to choose from. Now if you love Yamaha but couldn't stomach the price of the BD-S2900, then you'll be happy to hear about its new little brothers, the BD-S1900 (pictured) and BD-S1065 which are $699 and $599. Both have just about every Blu-ray related feature a HD videophile is looking for, like BD Live and full audio codec support. The main difference you get to enjoy for the additional benjamin is RS-232 control, detachable power cord, aluminum front panel and gold plated output terminals. We assume that most will pass on these, but can't ever hate on a company for offering more options and at least some will pay a premium for those premium integrator type features.

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