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Antenna's Direct steps up its indoor DTV antenna offerings

Ben Drawbaugh

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We've always been big fans of Antennas Direct, in fact our love even goes back before we wrote our still popular how to get free OTA HD where we showed you how to use a couple of the site's antennas to maximize our HD reception. But maybe you aren't living somewhere that you have the luxury of mounting an outside antenna, and your significant other isn't down with those ugly things. If you fit the picture we just painted then the new ClearStream Micron is just what you've been waiting for. The UHF only antenna has a range of 25 miles and is only 9 by 11 inches square and a mere 15 mm thick. Obviously we can't vouch for the capabilities of this antenna ourselves, but we can for Antennas Direct and at a price of $50 it is probably worth your time if you are in the need for an indoor antenna.

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