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Dragon*Con 2009: A look back at the mayhem

Some of us go for the excellent panels featuring stars like William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Terry Gilliam, Adam Savage, and so many more. Others of us go for the fun events like concerts by Arc Attack, Faith & The Muse, or the kilt-blowing by Jennie Breeden. Amongst all the comic, fantasy, sci-fi, and other sundry forms of nerditry, there is a steadily growing MMO and video game presence at Dragon*Con.

For the last three years, Massively and our sister site have been on the ground helping grow this East coast gaming presence either as panelists or staff. Some of the highlights for this year included:

So if you missed the fun, here's a gallery of some of the random images from D*C this year. If you're East coast and looking for something fun to do on Labor Day weekend next year, perhaps we'll catch you at Dragon*Con 2010!

Gallery: Dragon*Con 2009: General convention gallery | 353 Photos

[Thanks to Ian W., Michael McG., Scott B., Shawn Schuster, and especially Tiffiany M. for contributing pictures!]

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